Sunday, December 27, 2009

Butterfly Release

William saw a commercial on TV advertising a Butterfly Pavilion.  He wanted it so he could watch the butterflies emerge from a cacoon and release them and watch them fly away.  Crystal and Spencer bought the Butterfly Pavilion for William and gave it to him for his 9th birthday.

When they were ready to be released he asked if he could "give them to Sage" so we went to the cemetary so Sage could watch the butterflies fly.  December 10, 2009

William carefully helped each butterfly from the cage



Jayden and Daddy

This butterfly kept landing on my hand.

I couldn't help but notice how some of the butterflies continued to linger around the family and Sage's grave.

You can't see it but one is on a branch to the left of the children and one is in the floral ornament hanging in the tree...

It is resting in the "Y" of the branches

Then some lingered in the flower arrangment Crystal made for his headstone.

If you have been following our family blogs you have read about Jayden's "Bear".  Bear is her most treasured possesion he goes everywhere with her.  She always lays Bear on Sage's headstone so he can "Play" with him.  When she learned she was going to see Sage she wrapped Bear up to give to Sage for Christmas and placed him on the headstone. 

She later unwrapped Bear for Sage...she is such a sweet heart!

The family gathered for family prayer and I noticed the butterfly flew from the tree and landed on Crystal.  It made me was such a spiritual experience. 


Amanda and John said...

Having Jayden wrap bear up for Sage made me cry. She only lets the elite of the elite touch bear, let alone play with him. This is such a sweet post.

Daniela said...

What a sweet post..thank you so much for sharing.