Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bags of Bows

One of my family traditions that I started back when William was a baby, was to buy a huge bag of bows and dump them on the ground at the base of the Christmas tree. I have done this every year that I have a crawling baby or toddler in the house. The babies love to play with the bows! They leave the Christmas tree alone and they play with the bows all season long. As silly as this sounds this tradition is what I am missing alot this year. A baby/toddler playing with a bag of bows. Every time I see a bag of bows I want to cry. I thought about buying a bag for the heck of it but, that would just be self torture. I am missing a bag of bows………family traditions and memories do not have to cost much too mean the world to you.

This is a picture of Trey, as a baby playing with his bag of bows. I never got a picture of Sage with his bag of bows he was too little last year……… I look at pictures of Christmas’s past and remember the memories I made with my other children.







Mama Byrd said...

Buy the bows, you will regret it even more if you don't and for every Christmas after this, in place of an ornament for Sage, dump bows on the ground. Let time stand still. You will be surprised that the other kids will still want to play with them.


Cori White said...

I love it.. what a great tradition.. very clever too.. everyone talks about the toddlers messing up the trees.. im gonna have to remember that one..

Andrea said...

What a neat tradition. But my heart goes out to you because I know how hard those lost dreams can be. It's beyond hard! So sorry your sweet Sage will not be playing with the bows this year. It's hard...those traditions and things are just not the same when one of our kids is not there. I've found since Wyatt died that we have come up with new memory of Wyatt. Maybe you will be able to come up with something new in memory of your adorable little guy. Thinking of you.
Wyatt's mommy

Amanda and John said...

Isabelle has bows, and she loves them. I remember you doing this when I lived with you. It is such a smart thing to do!

Memories of the past are good to have. I love you.