Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Sage and Kenny

Today we took the kids to Hobby Lobby and let them pick out some decorations for Sages and Uncle Kenny’s grave. They had fun and each thing they picked out was well thought out. It was very important to them that they picked out something very special for their baby Brother and Uncle Kenny.
As we walked around the cemetery as a family, I noticed some flowers had been blown over, so I bent down to pick them up and fix the headstone area. A few minutes later there was this man kneeling at the grave just sobbing. He walked up to our grave and said,  “I speak very little English but, I just cried when I saw strangers taking care of my sons grave and taking the time to read his headstone”. I guess on holidays the man just sits in his truck and stays by his sons grave side all day. His son was 14 years old and hung himself. It was 10 years ago he is so heart broken. We sat with this man and talked to him for about an hour. He just kept saying this is so hard pointing to the ground. I have to agree this is so hard. He said I have faith but I do not understand. We sat and Mourned with those that Mourn today, he was so happy when we left him. I felt that we helped him today.  When we were leaving I ran into my Visiting Teacher! I love Linda she is a good woman!
2009-10-31 11.55.08
I love this photo because of Jayden. She is being so reverent and angelic looking as she looks at the grave of her baby brother that she misses so much. .
2009-10-31 11.52.24
We bought foam letters and wrote Sages name on the empty space on Kenny’s headstone. We ordered Sages headstone about 2 weeks ago it will be done in about 6 weeks.
2009-10-31 11.51.22
Daddy and Trey are decorating the grave.
2009-10-31 11.42.14
I never thought in a million years I would watch my children grow up around a headstone of one of their siblings. Such a surreal feeling that this happened to us. We are good people…Heavenly Father is just testing our faith, we will not let him down.
2009-10-31 11.52.48
Sage, Mommy and Daddy miss you so much.
2009-10-31 11.43.41
Uncle Kenny we all miss you as well.
Have a Happy Halloween.


Tamra and Jim said...

Crystal, your faith amazes and inspires me. What an inspiration you are to stop and talk to a stranger. I'm sure you helped him so much. Your family is an example to more people than you will ever realize.

Jessica Caldwell said...

I Love how you remembered him on Halloween. I know he has been on my thoughts a ton this holiday, perhapes because last year he was my little trick or treat buddy. Love you so much hang in there you are doing an amazing job.

Danielle said...


Your Brothers and Sister did such a wonderful job picking out decorations for you and Uncle Kenny on Halloween. They all love and miss you. I hope you were looking down on them while they were treat or treating together. I know you were on everyones mind.

Crystal, I know I don't know you personally but I am so proud of you and Spencer. You are pushing forward and staying strong. It makes me smile to know that you are keeping Sage in your life and showing the kids that he is still here in their hearts. The kids look so peaceful visiting their baby brother.

Happy Halloween Everyone.