Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mourn with those that Mourn

Thursday morning, which is a hard day for Spencer and me anyways, became an even harder day. We received the dreaded phone call that none of us ever wants to hear. Our good friends Cori and Blades lost their little girl. Kyndal had her cord wrapped around her neck and had stopped breathing. She was born sleeping on Oct 8th. Kyndal weighed 7lbs. 14 oz. 20 inches. She is a beautiful little girl. She looks like her beautiful mother with dark curly hair. She is perfect and like her older brother said "she is in Heaven and Heavenly Father is taking care of her".

 I have cried for a few days. I am heart broken for this wonderful family. I know all to well the journey they are walking down. It hurts to see my friends so heartbroken. Part of you wants to take away the pain from them or buy them something that will make this better. I have learned that there is no earthy possession that can take this pain away. The only thing that will give them comfort, hope, and peace is the Atonement of our loving Savior Jesus Christ.  I have peace in my heart knowing that Cori and Blades have an Eternal marriage and that their little girl is sealed to them for Time and all Eternity. What sweet comfort this brings to them. The Lords ways are perfect and he loves us.

I pray that I can and will be in tune with the Spirit and know how to help Cori and be there for her. I know that Cori and Blades will get through this just as me and Spencer strive to do daily. This is something that they nor I will ever just get over. Cori and Blades I love you and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Crystal


Mama Byrd said...

I join you in mourning. I have a dear friend who just went thru this for the 4th time last week. I know the pain all to well. Like you, I'd take it away from someone to spare them the pain I've felt. Please remember Oct 15th as National Remembrance day for pregnancy and infant loss My candle lit that day will be for all of us.

Many (((HUGS)))


Sharron said...

I was so sad to hear about this. Our prayers will be with all of you.

Cori White said...

thank you for posting on Sage's blog. Your visits have meant alot to us. You know the right words to say and to hear another story helps alot. Thanks for taking her blessing dress and taking care of it for us. We look forward to many more conversations about our babies.
Love Cori Blades and family

Amanda and John said...


I can't get your link to work. It takes me to a Chinese site.

My heart breaks for Cori and Blades. My prayers are with them.

Liz said...

I'm so sad for Cori and Blades. Such a devastating blow. Cori has been such a good friend to Crystal since Sage passed. Always leaving comments and words of encouragement and hope on her blog, home made bread and then she took down that beautiful drawing of Christ holding a little boy from her own son's wall and brought it to Crystal. I remember Crystal showing it to me and just crying because Cori was so kind and thoughtful to give it to her.
My prayers are with Cori and's a terrible club to belong to but I'm so thankful you have each other.

Angie said...

I found your blog from someone else's and have spent the better part of the past hour reading about your sweet baby Sage and weeping. He was a beautiful little guy. It is obvious that you have an amazing family, and your faith has strengthened mine. Life on earth can be so fleeting, thank you for helping to remind me to slow down and enjoy my children.