Friday, October 23, 2009

The White Rose: Sage Eldredge Memorial 5k

Meet Sage’s Aunt Cindy Eldredge Campbell.  Cindy is awesome!  She is a wife, mom of three, active in her church and community, and her passion is fitness/running.

This is Cindy and her husband Keith with their three children.  SIDS Race9

Cindy has been working hard at organizing a 5k  Memorial run in Sage’s honor.  Sage’s Run will be held on what would have been his second birthday.

July 17, 2010

Newport City Park

in Newport, Washington

The white rose was inspired by Crystal’s post on October 3, 09 Titled “The White Rose”.  You can click on the link below for information on Sage’s Memorial 5k Run.

white rose


Sage’s Memorial 5k Run



All proceeds of the race will go to the Tears Foundation who is working in conjunction with the SIDS Foundation.  For more information on the Tears foundation visit the following link

We are so excited about this.  The entire family will be in attendance and we invite all of you to join us.  For us Arizona Desert Rats we will be looking forward to the cool/beautiful weather in New Port next July.

Cindy and her family recently ran for Sage in the Fallen Leaf Run (SIDS organization).  Sage’s name was added to the Fallen Leaf Tree.  Here are some pictures from the race.  They should give you an idea of what Sage’s Run will be like.

SIDS Race3 

SIDS Race1

SIDS Race5

SIDS Race6

They had approximately 575 participants in the SIDS race held on October 4, 2009. 


We would like to thank Cindy for all the work she is doing.  We are so excited about this event and hope to see you there!

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Sharron said...

There is no way that I can go up there, but would there be anything wrong with doing it locally, at 4:00am ? Let me talk to some walker, runners here.