Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Friday we had an ultra sound and Dr.'s appointment. The tech was able to get wonderful shots of our new Baby Sister! All of us are really excited and look forward to her arrival.

I had a different Dr. at this appointment, a Dr. I had never met. I sat on the little table, on a sheet of tissue paper waiting. Dr. Goodman finally toddled in the room. He was a really old man and I was shocked that he still practiced medicine. He brought with him, his own medical bag and pulled out his stethoscope. He listened to my belly and told me that baby sounded wonderful and that everything looked great. A few minutes later he said but, your an old vet like me! He asked me about my children and kept pushing about each child's age and gender. I got to Sage and decided to share that he had passed away.

The Dr. sat there holding my paper work in his old hands and tears just poured from this old mans eyes. He looked up at me and just cried. He said that he had read that in my charts. He said he sat in his office and prayed that he would be able to share some of the wisdom he had gained over his many years. He said he has been delivering baby's a long time and it kills him every time a patient of his looses a baby to still born, SIDS, or other complications. He talked about how each baby and mother made him think about his love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He said each death makes him step back and think about his own Testimony and what he truly believes.

He shared the love he has for our Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He told me that he knows without a doubt that only a loving Heavenly Father would make it possible for all of us Mothers to be with our babies again. He feels that we are special even though, we don't feel so special! I cried, I was so thankful for this old man and that he took the time to share his Testimony with me. I left the OBGYN office feeling thankful that Heavenly Father puts people in my life at just the right moments. I am thankful the Dr. took care of my physical well being as well as my spiritual well being!

Here is "baby sister" at 21 weeks. She is 15 ounces and healthy. She kept putting both of her feet right up over her face! I had never seen that before! All of us are so happy that she is coming to our family!


Sharron said...

What a wonderful experience to share with all of us. Isn't wonderful to have that happen in a doctor's office, where they usually seem to have such a different attitude?

When I was threatening to lose Rob, I was checked by the PA who was also our cousin-in-law. After they did all the testing to see where my hormone levels were, etc. Ken come in, looked at Jon and asked, did yo bring your oil. He had so they administered to me right then and there. Afterward, Ken gave my shoulder a little squeeze, smiled and told me "That is the best medicine there is. Go home and rest". I felt so comforted and assured.

I 'm so grateful that doctor was sent to you right now.

Love you all!

Ma and Pa said...

Hi Crystal,

I have been reading your blogs for so long now I feel like I have known you for so long.

My first 3 children were delivered with Dr. Goodman's office. I too am very surprised that he is still practicing.

I am so glad that you were able to have that experience with him. He is such a great man! He truly goes the extra mile!!

Thank you for sharing this experience.

Brittany said...

You may have inspired me to switch doctors.... my OB was well you know, dumb.

My heart breaks every time I hear about a mother who loses her child.

We have an "angel mom" blog if you are interested. It is run by one of my good friends, started after both my son and her daughter passed away. if you are interested, just go to my profile and email me.

Congrats on the new little one!!! They are such a joy and fill such a hole left in our hearts.