Monday, July 26, 2010

Treys Memory

Tonight at dinner Trey said Mom I want to talk about Sage tonight, I said  Honey you can talk about Sage anytime you want. Mommy loves to talk about Sage. Then all of the kids started talking about Sage and the memories they each hold dear to their hearts. Wayne remembers how happy he was all of the time. William remembers how he loved his hair. Jayden does not remember much...except that we will be together again someday.
Treys Memory was one that I had forgotten...I was so happy Trey remembered it and wanted to share it with me! Sage army crawled over to the fridge and kept patting the door. Trey opened the door and grabbed the big jar of apple sauce. Trey dumped it all over the floor in front of Sage. I walked in the kitchen a few minutes later and found Sage covered in apple sauce and happy as can be!  I forgot Trey and Sage had gotten into such a mess. As soon as Trey started talking I remembered.
I used to get all upset when my kids made huge messes. Now I look around and think well at least they are here to make messes. A mess is proof that my children are alive and that to me means more than any clean freshly mopped kitchen floor!


Andrea said...

Love this memories and when my kids will come up with something I forgot about Wyatt. Oh, it does my heart good when we get to sit around and talk about Wyatt like you did with Sage.
Thanks for telling me about the song in memory of Wyatt...oh, that touched my heart sooooo much. What a sweet and kind thing that someone did. There are good people in this world! Thanks for sharing that with me. I think you are amazing and Sage is the luckiest kid in the world to have such a great mom. Sending my love your way.

J+C+4=FUN said...

Thanks for sharing. I have been yelling at my children all morning to pick up. I am now going to forget the mess and go do something fun with them. Your posts come at the prefect time. I'm grateful to be in your life and feel of the spirit in your family.
Thank you for that.
Love you

Marie said...

Such beautiful memories of Sage, and a reminder to everyone that a mess on the floor means nothing when you have your kids with you.

Kelly said...

your blog just makes me cry and cry. How do you let go of your baby - it just seems so wrong to me. And for all your kids to have memories with him? It makes me angry that they had to let him go...
I think of him EVERY time I lay my new little Trey down to bed. Because he's a preemie he has to be swaddled until he can maintain his body temp. I wish you never had to find him gone. I wish your life was as it was before, though I know that the Lord's plan is better. I just can't see it.
I hope your mom's doing well. Her comments have always strengthened me. Give her my love.

Aston Family said...

What a beautiful memory! I am sooo happy he remembered that and that he always will!!! What a treasure! :)That memory is priceless and hilarious!!! I love that he dumped that applesauce in front of his brother!!! Sucha a nice big brother! I am sure at the time it wasn't soooo funny but memories like that are truly priceless! Love it!!! Love to you all always!

peachytiffers said...

What a sweet memory. Messy too! :)