Saturday, January 9, 2010

Remembering Sage today…..



One year ago today……

Sage had diaper rash on his little bottom. I layed him on the ground naked so I could air out his bottom. I guess he did not like how the blanket/carpet felt on his sensitive areas so he got up on his hands and knees for the first time!

Spencer and I were so excited for him! He was so proud of himself! I kept shaking my head at him saying “NO NO NO you don’t, your getting to big”! “You are supposed to be my baby”! Well he never did learn how to crawl he just learned to roll and drag himself where he wanted to go.

I remember him army crawling onto the kitchen floor and patting the tile on the floor! He would look up at me and grin! He thought he was being so funny! I remember the day he died Jorgi, a lady in my ward, was sweeping my floors. Then I noticed almost every time a big group of people came to the house, someone would grab the broom and start sweeping. This is what I remember every single time I sweep my kitchen floors. I cry every time I sweep. I remember good times, bad times and the service that people provided for me.  So, if you come over and notice that I need to sweep trust me I don’t need to sweep that bad!

I remember getting ready to go to Sea World he just played in our big formal living room. Every time, I walked by he would lay sideways and just stare at me. Who knew he would die a week later? I wish I had just bent down and picked him up.

So I guess I got my wish….”NO NO NO you don’t, your getting to big”! I wonder how long I will have to wait till I get to see him grow and be a big boy? He is going to be my baby for a very long time.


Liz said...

Oh I remember when he got that little rash and I especially remember how he loved to pat the bare floor! I miss him so much everyday I don't think a day will go by that I won't feel that way!

Jessica Caldwell said...

I was so excited that he was trying to crawl before he was one. He sure did have such a sweet spirit, you couldn't help but smile when you held him. I still can't believe he is gone, we will always miss him.

Amanda and John said...

I remember you blogged this on your family blog and was so sad that he was getting so big so fast. I miss him too. I love you.

J+C+4=FUN said...

Of course, the diaper rash the one I tried to cure with my amazing CURES and you believed me. I'm sorry that that was the only time you took he to the Dr. It was because of me. Tynlee has a diaper rash and I looked at that and just cried. Thank you for trusting me even when I shouldn't me trusted. He will always be my little boy to. Because If you couldn't get through to your mom you were calling me for help. I love you for giving Sage to me in that way. Sorry I'm making you cry again I love you.

Keith said...

Your words are very touching. I feel your faith, you are a strong woman of faith. We love you Crystal.