Monday, September 28, 2009

Miracle or “Just a Coincidence”?

On September 22nd  Sage’s Aunt RaLee turned 16.   As hard as all of us tried to make the day a happy one there was still this cloud hanging over us.  We had just passed the 6 month anniversary of Sage’s death.  We have had to learn how to celebrate the good and be happy while our hearts are breaking on the inside.  RaLee loved her little nephew as she loves all of her nieces and nephews.  She has always been very present in their lives.

This is RaLee with Crystal when she was in labor with Sage.  She has had the privilege of witnessing 5 of her nieces and nephews births.  I think this experience has helped her form a special bond with them.


The morning Sage passed RaLee was there.  She was there when he entered this world and when he left it to return to the Father.  This experience has impacted her greatly and she has been determined to turn this experience into a positive one.  She strives hard everyday to live her life to the fullest with a smile on her face.  She has written about the experience and shared it at school.  She has talked to students who think everyday teenage “Stuff” is more than they can bare and reassures them that all will be well.  She is committed to babysitting weekly, free of charge and giving up Friday night activities, so Crystal and Spencer can have time together.  She grieves and misses her nephew daily. 

Enter our miracle…well a miracle to us…some may say it’s a coincidence.   If you remember we released over a hundred balloons on July 17th, to celebrate Sages first birthday.  We attached Sage’s story to each of the balloons and asked that the finder would reply as to where, how and when the balloon was found.  We received one email on his birthday and nothing since.  The morning of RaLee’s birthday I received the following email.

Hi my name is Meg.   I have four children 29, 24, 17, and 12.
I don't know the pain of loosing one.  We have not had it easy and had many obstacles as I am divorced and ......
but nothing like you have experienced.  I love that you have such love in your family God has blessed you.
I didn't feel like working today ( I am self employed)  I felt I needed to be home and just well be home.
I went out to the garden to clean up and spray off ( I am a Interior Designer ) so I love just creating a good feeling every where. I love home !!!!  Sages story was upside down I picked it up and began to read.  I just lightly cried and thought of where he landed.
I sobbed washing it off with the scraps of green ribbon and balloon attached.  I will keep him in the house at all times I will frame the note and remaining ribbon and balloon.  He will also watch over us .
I live in a home that an older couple owned and now it is their children's I rent from them they told me their Mother loved her garden , I love honoring for her.
So now I have two Angels in my garden.
The blog is beautiful. I saw the sunflowers and had just purchased some yesterday they are on my dining table
Thank-you for touching me and reminding me what is important in our lives.
Happy celebration,
All my love,

I cried as I read her email.  I was so happy and amazed that one of Sage’s birthday balloons would be found on Aunt RaLee’s birthday.  Miracle or coincidence? 

I noticed Meg didn’t tell us where she lived so I emailed back and asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling what city she lived in.  Then Crystal, Jessica and I went to RaLee’s school to surprise her with some birthday stuff.  We made her a sucker bouquet, hat, sash and wand the day before.  Crystal felt like something was missing so she stopped and bought a balloon and some flowers.  When I got in her van I noticed the flowers she said,  “I know our theme was bright colors and maybe I should have gotten some of those florescent daisies but for some reason I decided to buy Sunflowers.”   I told her they were perfect and then shared the email with her.  We both were crying when we pulled into the High School Parking lot. 

Meg mentioned she had visited Sage’s blog and noticed the sunflowers placed at his grave on his first birthday.  She had just purchased sunflowers the day before for her dining room table.  Crystal decided to buy flowers at the last minute and felt compelled to buy sunflowers…again…miracle/birthday wish from beyond or just a coincidence?


We returned from the school and Meg had replied to our question of her location.

HI Liz,
I thought of the same thing after I sent the email I am in Scottsdale off  Shea .
When I looked at the blog I didn't even look where Sage was from I was so emotional I had to email right away, I will go back and watch the blog.  Let me know where it was released from.
All my best,

I responded with another email telling her that the balloon was released from the cemetery in Mesa and I shared with her how Crystal had bought sunflowers for RaLee.  This is Meg’s response

How beautiful is that and what a wonderful present for your daughter, to me that is Sage telling her he is OK!
I think I will plant some sunflowers in the spot I found it I will send you a photo of the space and then when the flowers bloom.
I do not want to forget this day.

I’m so thankful Sage’s balloon made it’s way to Meg.  That she listened to that inner prompting and stayed home that day.  That she took the time to respond.  Had she delayed even a day RaLee would not have received this wonderful birthday gift.   We are honored to know that his story has touched her and that what is left of his birthday balloon along with his story will hang in her living room.  We agree with Meg.  It was a wonderful birthday present for RaLee and that it was Sage’s way of telling her he his is okay and “Happy birthday”.  It’s a lot of coincidences if you think about it.  What are the odds of his birthday balloon being found on RaLee’s birthday and landing in a memorial garden and then there are the sunflowers. 

As for us we choose to believe it was a miracle.  That Sage along with Heavenly Father was letting us know all is well.  We haven’t been forgotten.  We are all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.  That miracles still exist and all things come together for the good.  We are not alone!

Thank you Meg!


Sharron said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is the "little" miracles that add up to the big and wonderful events of life.

On Friday a friend and I picked up the balloons for a wedding. When I looked at the big bunches of balloons, I thought about watching the balloons when they were released from his graveside. I felt that same rush of emotions that I experienced that day. It was so releasing that day, I felt like it was at that point that Sage finally went on to his mission.

I know he is checking in on his family often and looking over all of you.

debra said...

How sweet!! I have tears while reading this...and I too believe it is a gift from Heaven - a gift from Sage! Yay for Meg for being willing to share what it was like on her end - instead of just throwing it away! How awesome that Sage has impacted her life as well! And happy birthday RaLee

Anonymous said...

Tender Mercies

Marie said...

What a beautiful story! I agree, too many coincidences to not be a sign from Sage. I believe strongly in signs from people "on the other side". I babysit a little girl Tori who lost her sister Kayley 4 years ago. Tori said Kayley "rides on the wings of butterflies." Almost as soon as she said it, Tori was suddenly surrounded by butterflies. I've also seen butterlies following Tori when she walks. I know it's Kayley!

I've also had many signs from my friend Lisa. One day we saw a huge rainbow. I told Tori "Lisa sends me rainbows, I wonder if you will get one from Kayley?" Suddenly a second rainbow appeared under the first one. They can hear us, and they can talk to us in their own way for sure! What a lovely gift from Sage to his Auntie!

Carolyn said...

What a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing. I agree...what tender mercies. :)

Misty Rice said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful post... thank you for sharing.