Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sage's Life Sketch

The life sketch that was given by Sage's grandmother at his funeral services can now be viewed/read by clicking on the link to the right. We wanted it to be available to all who visit his memorial blog so it is now a permanent link. I want everyone to have a chance to hear his story and to know just how special he was to our family.

I also wanted to thank everyone who have visited his site. We feel that each visit helps keep his memory alive. We also want to thank those who have taken the time to leave a comment. You will never know how much your words of love, support and encouragement have given Sage's family much needed comfort, peace and hope.


Junebug7776 said...

I feel I have gotten to know so much about you and your family. I have been so touched with all your posts. You really enspire me. I wish I knew you better in person, but am happy you are in our family. Hugs.

Stephen said...

Your mom did such a beautiful job with his life sketch during the memorial service. I'm glad it's here to read. What a blessing all of your journal entries must be in remembering all the little details. Your dedicated journal writing has been such a lesson to me. Thank you for sharing this time with us. Your family continues to be in our prayers, and your in our thoughts often everyday. Love you.