Sunday, May 27, 2012


Crystal wrote this and shared it in her support group forum. I thought it was worth sharing with you.
On Doing laundry:

Will, Wayne, Trey, Jayden, Sage , and Ellie...piles of clothes. Only Sages pile is missing. I fold the clothes and look at the line up and my heart hurts because he should have a pile.
 I wonder what Sages favorite shirt would be? How dirty would his socks be? Or would he like flip flops? Would he prefer shorts? He would be potty trained by now so I wonder what under ware would he pick out? I would give anything to wash a pair of muddy jeans because he had played in the water hose with his brothers. This is what I think about while doing laundry.
I miss my son.





Cheryl said...

Beautiful post.

So many "holes" in our days when they should be filled with little feet and bodies and laughs and even some disagreements with their siblings. What we wouldn't do for some fingerprints on the windows from them or to have to clean up their toys.

I love that picture of you Crystal with Sage! Beautiful :)

((hugs)) to you,
With Hope,

sharron m huish said...

Isn't it "funny" what we miss in our lives when someone has gone on? Your are still in our prayers and thoughts daily.

Grandma a/k/a Kathy said...

Sending hugs for the everyday missing that goes on.