Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Unexpected

On Christmas Eve RaLee was suddenly desperate to leave the house just as our family party was about to begin. She insisted, with much desperation, that she had some last minute shopping that she had to do. So with a promis to be safe and hurry home she went shopping. A short time later there was a knock on the door. Crystal answered and there stood RaLee, with a huge smile on her face, she said, "These are from Sage" as she handed Crystal a boquet of poinsettia's, complete with a "JOY" ornament.
We had a wonderful time Christmas Eve and were so very blessed to have family, home, food, and the spirit of Christ in our home.
Sage's Brothers and Sisters in their "Christmas Eve Pajamas"
Christmas morning as the children were looking in their stockings, Jayden looked back at the wall where Sage's stocking hung empty and asked, "Mom why didn't Santa Claus leave something in Sage's stocking? Is it because he's dead?"
It's moments like these, the sudden and unexpected ones, that tug at your heart strings and make us miss Sage so much. I know we have said it before, but time does not heal your wounds nor does it take away the pain, you just learn to live with the scars.
Miss Ellie opening her stocking


Cheryl said...

((hugs)) Thanks for the post and for sharing your feelings. No, the pain will never go away. Things are difficult and heartwrenching at times. Praying for you and your beautiful family.

With love and Hope,

Jessica Caldwell said...

I will NEVER forget sitting next to Sage and helping him open his Christmas present's. I'm so glad that RaLee thought of getting Crystl a gift from Sage that was very kind of her. Ellie is so big I can't believe how much she has changed.