Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photos From Sage's Services

These pictures were taken for us by Kim Skinner. Kim is the daughter of Howard Post, western artist and good family friend. He was also our families Bishop for many years. We are so thankful for all they have done for us. Bishop, sorry I can't bring myself to call him Howard he will always be my Bishop, spoke at Sage's funeral services and Kim photographed the viewing and cemetery. She made a beautiful slide show that we are not quite ready to share. It contains photos of Sage and they are so dear and special to our hearts that we can't bring ourselves to post them for public viewing. So for now here are some photos from the slide show. Thank you Kim for doing something we couldn't do that day it meant so much to us.
The Relief Society had the foyer decorated with 33 differnt pictures of Sage, his "Boys Rock" blanket given to him by Aunt RaLee and other precious things that remind us of him.
The white quilt is of the Mesa, Arizona Temple. It was hand drawn and quilted by Crystal's Grandmother, Leone Reidhead, from Holbrook, Arizona. This quilt was given to Crystal and Spencer on their wedding day. She wanted it displayed because this quilt represents the day they were married for Time and All Eternity...the beginning of their Journey to Forever.

Sage's Viewing
The flowers that were on top of his casket. They were chosen by Crystal and Spencer because they reminded them of all the flowers they had seen on their vacation to San Diego just days before Sage's passing.

This little toy was buried with Sage

Great Uncle Jim, Grandpa Teele, Father Spencer, Sister Jayden, Mother Crystal and Aunt RaLee

Mom & Dad

Crystal Comforting her sons, William and Wayne

Big Brothers William and Wayne

Crystal and her Grandpa Reidhead
Sages Little Cousin Kennedy looking at Sage's photos

Tears from Great Uncle Jim (black) and Grandpa Teele (white)
Crystal and Wayne
Spencer comforting his son William
Crystal and William
Grandpa & Jayden
Leaving the Chapel after the services

Hundreds of balloons were released in memory of Sage
Uncle John Griggs

Uncles, DJ & Royal, Grandpa Teele, Friend Jon Huish and Grandpa Eldredge
Friends and Neighbors Jeremy and Kat

Great Grandpa Jordan & Aunt Amanda
Spencer, Trey & Crystal
Great Aunt Kathy, Aunt Jessica, Great Aunt Vallery, Uncle John Caldwell & Cousin Kaitlen

Uncle DJ
Jayden & her best friend "Bear"
A red balloon for baby brother
Hugs from a Daddy

Two Grandpas, Reidhead and Eldredge

Paul Bearers, Grandpa Reidhead, Grandpa Eldredge, Uncle Royal (back), Uncle DJ (front)

Balloon Release

William, Grandma and Spencer

Beautiful Flowers

Lowering the casket
Grandpa didn't know Crystal wanted the flowers burried with him so he lay on the ground and took them out for her. Yes the back of his hat say's "Slimy" his grandsons wanted him to have that sticker for his hat and he refuses to remove it. He does love his grandchildren!

Crystal later said that she was so upset when his casket was lowered that she had to go to her car just to compose herself before returning. She felt like the flowers comforted her and that it was nice not having to leave the cemetery with "empty arms". They decided to let the children put the flowers back on his casket before burial. This was a huge comfort to them and made them feel like they were doing something for their little brother.

Great Grandma Reidhead, Great Great Aunt Vivian, Grandma Liz, Uncle Royal

Bishop Howard Post


my3sons said...

Thank you for sharing. There are no words to describe the feeling you get looking at this post. Just heartbreaking. I'm praying for your family.

noahandlylasmommi said...

Thank you for allowing us to view something so personal and emotional. Tears are streaming down my face, imagining what your family is going through. Your family is in my payers.

Sharron said...

I can't tell you how much I wish I could lift this burden, even for a moment. Take care and know that you are in our prayers every day. We all love all of you!

Tamra and Jim said...

These pictures are just simply beautiful. Your family is so special and I wish there was something I could do to make it easier. Prayer is probably the only answer at this point. The service and everything was just beautiful. We love you.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute with us. how wonderful that you have these photos..even on a horrible day, you will always cherich these photos.
My heart goes out to everyone in the family!

Bethany said...

thank you for sharing such a hard time in your life. You are still in our prayers and in our daily thought. May God be with you on this Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

You are truly an awesome WOMAN...keep your head up Crystal I am amazed at your strength:0)

Mariah said...

Beautiful post. I think about you guys several times a day, my heart continues to break for your whole family. We love you all. Hang in there, I pray you can feel the love and support from all of us that love you guys.

Carolyn said...

I still cry for you (with hope). The pictures are beautiful and so is Sage. We continue to pray for you and think about you often. We are always here if you need anything. Wish we lived closer. :) Love you.

Jessica Caldwell said...

It's hard to look at these pictures, however they are beautifull.

Anonymous said...

I cried for 11 days when I heard of your loss, though the tears have ceased greatly, the prayers have not. I wish I could do something to ease your heartache and I am so truly sorry I cannot. But my thoughts, prayers and heart will always be with your family for the rest of my life.


Georgia said...

Crystal and Spencer,
I think of you guys daily and I deeply yearn for your comfort. I can't wait to be around your family soon.

Chandy said...

What a day of love and remembrance for such a sweet soul...

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday sage", i came acrosss your blue balloon in our neighbor hood park at the playground,something told me to pick up the balloon.Crystal,am sorry to hear of your loss,i belive that sage's presence in your families life although only for a short time, made your family stronger,our lord sent you a angel forever in your heart.My name is andrea,i am from a poverty sticken community,also a mother of 5,i found a balloon at the guadalupe park at the playground,your story had deeply touched my soul,i am also what you would call a orphan,i have no parents here on earth,but someday we will all meet.stay stong,i will always keep sage in my thoughts and prayers.